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C o n c e r t s - N e w s - E v e n t s - P r e m i e r e s

June 15-21, 2020. The Composition of the Week - WASBE

WASBE (World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles) has chosen EL SOLITARIO as the Composition of the Week. You can see the full note here. You can also see the score here and watch it on my YouTube channel. To buy the work you can visit my Online Store.


March 23-25, 2020. International Band Conducting Seminar - Sabaneta, Antioquia

Postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis

March 4, 2020, 7:30 PM. Final Doctoral Recital - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Venue: Kimball Recital Hall


1. An Outdoor Overture - Aaron Copland

2. Música para Orquesta de Vientos y Percusión - Blas Emilio Atehortúa (Premiere of the critical edition)

3. Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre

4. El Solitario: Symphonic Poem for Band - Rubén Darío Gómez P (World premiere)

5. Malambo, from the ballet Estancia - Alberto Ginastera



June 11 to 13, 2019. Concert season as guest conductor of the UNAB Symphony Orchestra

Concert venues: To be confirmed


1. Overture The Marriage of Figaro - W.A. Mozart

2. Encanto (Waltz) - L.A. Calvo (Arr. D. Rieznik)

3. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra - F. Mendelssohn

Soloist: Pablo Luis López

4. El Amor Brujo - Manuel de Falla



June 1 and 2, 2019. 1st Colombian Band Conference - ASODIBANDAS 2019

Artistic Director of the event, lecturer, and guest conductor of the Cajicá Symphonic Band

Conferences: From Holst 1st to Maslanka 10th: Historic Repertoire for Band (Part 1 and 2)

Orchestral Transcriptions for Band: their role, their historic importance, and recommended pieces.


Cajicá Symphonic Band Program

1. Overture for Band - F. Mendelssohn

2. Suite of Old American Dances - RR Bennet

Guest Conductor: Thomas Verrier

3. Gjallarhorn; Concerto for Horn and Band (1st mov) - Ferrer Ferrán

Soloist: Gustavo Pinilla

Director: Diego Arévalo

4. A Movement for Rosa - M. Camphouse

5. Variations on a Korean Folk Song. - JB Chance

Guest Conductor: Rubén Darío Gómez

6. Vesuvius - F. Ticheli

Guest Conductor: Thomas Verrier

7. Kalamarí; Paráfrasis sobre temas de Lucho Bermúdez - A. Tovar

Director: Diego Arévalo



May 22 to 29, 2019. Tour to Peru.

Guest Director of the Peru Navy Band

Concert: Monday May 27

Repertoire to be confirmed

Workshop for band conductors of Peru (May 24 to 26)



May 7 to 9, 2019. State of Boyacá (Colombia)

Workshop for Band Conductors of the state of Boyacá. Organized and coordinated by ASODIBANDAS

Place: To be confirmed

Repertoire: To be confirmed



April 25/2019 - 7:30 PM - University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Kimball Recital Hall)

I will be conducting the UNL Jack Snaider Campus Band at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with my colleague Christohper Brandt.



Genesys Fanfare - David Mairs

Catalyst - Harrison Collins

Ritual Fire Dance - Manuel De Falla (Arr. Jay Bocook)


Conductor: Rubén Darío Gómez


Walking to the Sky - Robert Buckley

The Grace of Being - Julie Giroux

Everlasting Light - Travis J. Cross


Conductor: Christopher Brandt


The first part of the concert will be given by the Donald A. Lentz Campus Band directed by my colleagues Prof. Douglas Bush and Sarah Aymond.



April 24-2019 - 7:30 PM - University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Kimball Recital Hall)

The UNL Jazz Orchestra, conducted this time by my composition teacher Dr. Greg Simon, will present a concert made up entirely of pieces by members of the composition studio. There is the premiere of my work called Tres de Mis Amores.


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