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Rubén Darío Gómez

Conductor - Composer

Tu Llegada, Little Suite for Band (SCORE and PARTS)

A colorful and rhythmic piece in three movements. Ideal to introduce students to Latin rhythms.
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Tu Llegada is a little suite in three movements, and it was written in celebration of the birth of the composer’s first son, Emilio. Tu Llegada is based on traditional Colombian dance forms, as most Rubén’s compositions. The first movement, Buenanueva (Good news) uses the style of cumbia, a traditional rhythm from the Caribbean coast, and reflects the excitement the couple feels when they know they are expecting their first baby. The second movement, Lo Inesperado (The Unexpected), uses a rhythm called Caña, very popular in the central west region of Colombia. It depicts the sadness and uncertainty the couple experienced after discovering that the newborn baby came with some health issues that forced him to be in the ICU for two weeks. The third movement, Plenitud(Plentitude), uses an interaction of the styles of Caña and Bambuco (another rhythm also from the central part of the country), and celebrates that the baby has surpassed his health struggles is ready to enjoy a joyful life.

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